okay, let’s try this again. to totally requote my own lis take two:

this is the reincarnation of life is surreal. this time around, it’s just me chatting, rambling, ranting, typing whatever i feel like.

this blog is about life as i see it.

i hope you’ll join me in any discussion, no matter how irreverent. and i do promise a whole lot of my blogs will be completely irreverent. but it’s fun. or at least i have fun. and really it’s my blog so that’s what matters. ;)

so come along now and jump right in because remember,

life is surreal…life is art

and always a work in progress

there is a little bit of a disclaimer, or maybe it’s an epilogue that i want to include here. that’s that in the time that i haven’t been writing, i’ve been working on getting a teaching certificate, which i finally have. woot! yay me! anyhow, the way that has any effect on you (unless you are a school that wants to hire me) is that my writing here may be a bit more tame than what you may have seen from my previous alter-ego akasha13131. while akasha lives on deep inside of me and often comes out, just not so publicly on the internet, mrs. b is now a big part of me as well. so somewhere in between neurotic opinionated goth girl and neurotic opinionated english teacher is me and the revamped life is surreal. (see what i did there? i used the word vamp? you know, like vampire? how goth! told ya akasha isn’t dead–that joke writes itself so i’ll just leave it at that.)

although who knows. maybe some day i’ll lock this up and have the reading availability subscription only. and then i’ll know all of the three people who actually read it. okay, maybe six, but three of them will be coerced (sorry, mom, dad, and hubby). i don’t know. i’m pretty much an open book anyway and have become somehow pg13 so i don’t have too many worries about this being public. and it’s not like my outspokeness has caused me any problems in the past…

yeah, well, anyhow, if  i don’t drive you totally crazy (like i care, it’s my blog, see above quote), please continue to read my examiner articles. i’ve even put the link right on this page so you don’t have to even make any real effort to check it out–in case like me, motivation is not always your strong suit.

so there you have it. um…welcome.



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