(another poem from days ago. about gia’s little world of denial. it’s nice there.)

The pigeons are screaming outside my window
it’s driving my fat gray cat crazy.
He’s not really fat, he’s big furred,
he likes to sit on the windowsill
alone, talking it all in.
He’s very affectionate sometimes
head butting me,
he is himself
loves me for what I am.
He’s the most perfect boy I know.
We live in the middle of the city

there’s almost always something going on
I can hear it through my closed blinds.
Maintenance men removed the air conditioner
pigeon eggs were on the ledge right outside.
It’s seven months later and they’re still there
just as perfectly preserved as the day I first saw them.
This is a nice place

heat and hot water are included
I keep it warm and cozy.
My friends are all in my computer
the television is good company.
I’m very happy here.


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