I Don’t Need You

I don’t need you to put me down
to wreak havoc on my thoughts
my feelings
my head
my heart.
I can do that very well myself
so much better than you can
thank you very much.
I am far more creative,

I’d use names much less cliché than bitch
far more intuitive,
use better reasons than “you hate her cause
she’s thinner than you,”
far more intelligent,
my nasty notes to you would be more grammatically correct
than you will ever be.

What you say
about me,
what damage you can do,
can’t even come close
to the harm I can do myself.
So then why is it

that with every single word you say
I start to believe you more and more until
I become those words.
So maybe I have let you see into me

maybe I have shared myself with you
maybe you know me better than anyone ever has.
But what gives you the right
to dissect me, to turn me inside out,
to say these things,
and on top of this all, to make me believe you.
I have given you that right.
I have no one to blame but myself.
And I hate you even more for that.


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