King of the Castle

A poem from my late cat’s point of view. I wrote it for a class assignment about six years ago, before he passed away.

Sebastian ©Tammy/

Don’t call me Pookie, or Puffy Boy, or Angel Face
-do I look like a little prissy girly cat to you?
I don’t think so.
That would be my sister
or whatever you want to call her,
she’s not my sister.
Pfft sister.

I am Sebastian.
You’re the one who gave me the name
that day you came because you wanted a friend.
You had a boyfriend
but wanted me so when this one left
you’d have something left to love you.

You didn’t like the name Buddy,
the name they assigned me when I came in.
I don’t care, it’s not like that’s my real name.
I don’t know what my real name is.
I don’t know why I was there,
why the ones I loved left me.

I was sleeping quite soundly in my litter box.
I used all the energy I had to lift up my head
and turn to look at you
standing there with this big goofy smile.
You wouldn’t go away, just stood there staring.
I thought maybe if I ignored you, you’d disappear.
Pfft. I turned back around and pretended to sleep.

I lived under your bed for a week,
you’d lie on the floor
lifting the bedspread to talk to me.
Eventually I got hungry,
you obviously weren’t going to get out of the way
so I came out.

It’s been three years since then
and we’re not living in an apartment much bigger
than the cage I met you in.
What you call a closet
is my own special place-
I get very cranky if you open the door all the way.
At night I might allow you to sleep on my bed.
I wait by the door for you to come home,
make like I’m looking
for the opportunity to sneak out
then run and hide in my special spot
so you’ll never know
I’m happy you’re here.


One thought on “King of the Castle

  1. This is not about the song but I have a cat exactly like this one with the same markings on his face and his name is Smokey! He has the exact same eyes and gets really angry when I call him girly names aswelll 🙂

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