sex and the city: why i don’t do chick flicks

Oh my god, talk about touching any fear and emotion I’ve ever had. Okay, that may be the point of the movie, to bring the viewer in. But that’s why I never go to “chick flicks.” I hear good cries over movies is  therapeutic, but if I’ve already done my own crying over facing my own situation, I certainly don’t need to be reminded of it. And I certainly don’t need to pay over $10 to live through it again, surrounded by people I don’t know, reminded by watching a scenario based on people whom I will never meet, in fact, who aren’t even real people. Might as well put razor blades in my candy, too.

This is not directed at SATC itself. I’ll admit, the characters were fun and parts of it were really funny. But because of who I am, I can’t get past the, let’s list it:

girl’s husband cheats on her

girl loses herself completely in a relationship

girl gets stranded at the alter

girl sleeps through half her honeymoon, which she actually goes on with friends because she has been jilted

man is a immature wuss from hell whom i would want to bitchslap until he fell over

and then someand don’t forget the whole conversation of how once you are over 40, if you’re not married, you have no chance

The beauty of this movie is all of this is very realistic. And the ways the friends stick together incredible. All of this very true.

But there’s my problem. I don’t like true. I see true every day. Out of that list, there are only two things I haven’t experienced. True doesn’t work for me. Especially true depicting hardships.

Depict the hardship of a vampire sucking out someone’s blood or a serial killer especially if it’s a Bianchi, woot, bring it on.

Give me fire (fire! fire! fire!). Give me explosions. Give me blood. But give me an every day situation in which someone’s heart is broken in a situation that has mirrored something I’ve experienced–give me the car  keys, I’m leaving.

Which I almost did but I kept hoping for more funny parts (which did come, as well as a happy ending for all). But I was with a group of girls and how weird would that have looked?

That said, it was a really good movie. If you’ve followed the show, you’ll love it. Even if you haven’t and you can handle those kinds of movies, you’ll love it.

If you’re me, well then, you might want to stay home, make your own popcorn (lowfat even), and see if the Harold and Kumar movie is on cable again.


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