bitstrips no more…

when i was a teacher, i was known as gt (goth teacher). i was also known for my fondness of illustrating points i was trying to make. by this i mean literally drawing things on the board, much to the dismay and amusement of my students who clearly didn’t know fine art when they saw it.

i’ve also always loved comics, particularly slice-of-life, autobiographical comics. ever since i read my first “fart party” graphic novel, i knew i wanted to make my own. but if i didn’t make it clear above, i’ll admit now that my drawing is a bit sub-par. maybe even lower than that if it’s even possible. so i’ve tried to find online cartooning programs, but because i’m cheap, i haven’t found any for free that will do what i was hoping it would: allow me to actually create visual accompaniments to my words. hence, my foray into bitstrip (see previous blog posts), which truth me told still crack me up.

but really, that’s cheating and i’m all for authenticity and go big or go home, so last night i ordered a book called “how to draw almost everything,” which one reviewer said will help you draw, albeit it will look like “children’s drawings.” which in all honestly, seems perfect for the type of comic i want to create.

is it going to work? am i going to end up just drawing stick figures? can you teach old dogs new tricks? eh, you don’t know until you try. live your dreams, kids. live your dreams.