Gia C. Manalio-Bonaventura earned her BA in English and Creative Writing at New York University and then was in publishing for almost 20 years. She took a break from the industry to go back to school to become certified to teach Secondary English and taught seventh grade Language Arts in an urban school for three years (high school English in a suburban school before that). After having her personal work published in alternative magazines and websites, she returned for her MFA in Creative Writing and completed the program in January of 2016. Being re-submerged in a creative atmosphere showed Gia that teaching at this point in life was not for her (her 15-year-old-self agreed), and she has since returned to her creative professional roots.

Gia loves memoirs and slice of life graphic novels and movies and has just published her first collection of essays and poems: Inked Up: Tales of a Girl Who Learned Stuff Along the Way.

When not reading, writing, or watching TV, Gia roller skates at skate parks and runs a fitness skating class.