Reviews of “Inked Up”


for both inked and non-inked folks “along the way”

By Tracy Patruno on October 25, 2017
Format: Paperback

I was thrilled Gia asked me to edit her manuscript. I already know she’s a great writer (from her years of blogging and experience in the publishing industry) — with a casual style/tone, plus depth and vulnerability and humor — so I knew this book would grab readers to share her journey. We may not all have personal experience with pink hair, roller derby, tattoos, and Prozac… yet nearly everyone can relate to universal themes such as love and loss, movies and music, fitting in versus standing out, and sometimes challenging dynamics with family and friends. Reading Gia’s words feels like joining her (in person) for coffee and conversation, like hanging out with one of your trusted friends. This collection of stories is a friendly introduction to a gal who “learned stuff” and wants to share her lessons. My own advice? Grab a copy, find a comfy chair, and pour a cuppa Joe to enjoy this can’t-put-down memoir.

In Many Ways This Book Told Part Of My Story

By Carmen Honacker on August 28, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I loved this book. As an introvert with tons of tattoos and, at times, crazy hair colors, I could totally relate to Gia’s journey, thoughts and feelings. She tells her story with humor, which is something I appreciate. She is the perfect mix of a free spirited, smart and beautiful geek, who has no problem making fun of herself, while still telling her story in a relatable way.

An intimate look into Gia’s life

By Arty Kica on October 20, 2017
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

An intimate book that goes into detail about some very personal things in Gia’s life while also keeping it light-hearted and funny! I constantly found myself unable to stop smiling and often had to pause reading because the laughter was too distracting. The book alternates between narratives and poetry which helped keep things interesting. Would recommend to anyone looking for a light read with some heavier topics.

“Inked Up” or not, you will enjoy Manalio-Bonaventura’s learning experiences!

By Ellen Marcantonio on August 7, 2017
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

Manalio-Bonaventura takes a chance with her personal essays that recount various elements of her life: boyfriends, career choices, family issues and her love of roller skating and “inking up”. Well, the chance is well worth the read. I come from a different era than Ms. Bonaventura, but I felt myself catapulted back to my own teenaged angst and struggles to find my way in a confusing world. I was able to identify with, laugh with and empathize with the slice-of-life vignettes she shares with the reader. Her truth and narrative style (never pedantic) sweep us along to Identify with the female culture where the reader is sure to “learn stuff along the way.” A great first publication!